Club Management

Club TT motorsports was formed in the year 2014 as an arm of Motor Trader to handle club matters as well as motorsports events. The Club comprises of Directors namely:
  • Mr. Joseph Murai-Founding Father
  • Mrs. Shelina Mohamed
  • Dr. Steve Amaya
  • Advoc Hinga Waiyaki
  • Mr. Jervis Sundays
  • Mr. Jason Craig Wood
  • Mr. Karige Wachira - Founding Member
  • Mr. Michael Chege Mwangi-Founding Member
  • Dr. Michael Wachira
  • Mr. J. M. Baraza
  1. Chairman: Mr. Joe Murai
  2. Public Relations and Communications/Media liason Department : Mr. Jervis Sundays
  3. Legal Department: Advocate Hinga Waiyaki
  4. Safety and Emergency Department: Mr. Jason Wood
  5. Marketing and Promotions Department: Mr. Karige Wachira
  6. Track and Scrutineering Department: Mr. M. Mwangi, Mrs. S. Mohamed and J.M. Baraza
  7. Marshaling Department : Dr. Michael Wachira
  8. Client Relations: Dr. S. Amaya