Rules & Regulations

1) please be vigilant at all times keep off the dangerous areas of the track and stick to the designated spectator spots and parking areas. rule of common sense applies. MOTORSPORTS IS DANGEROUS.
2) Avoid moving from one spectator point to the next once the race starts. This causes a crowd flux movement and disrupts marshaling.
3) Obey all marshals and officials. Do not give marshals a hard time as they have volunteered their time and efforts.
4) Do not intervene in case of an emergency. This will be a prerogative of the emergency personnel. Respect and give way to emergency personnel.
5) if you happen to experience any incident and injury please alert the nearest marshal and assistance will be offered in time.
6) Intoxication with alcohol and other substances will not be tolerated
7) Sale of alcoholic drinks and banned substances will be dealt with to the full extent of the law
8) Sale of merchandise and vending without prior agreement with the event management in contravention of the event rules will attract penalties
9) Spectators allowed on the track are advised to park until the end of the last heat and opening of the road fully. Parking is at owners risk.
10) Do not interfere with track items e.g. tyres spectator barriers and tapes etc..
11) any failure to obey the law will be dealt with to the full extent of the law. Unruly behavior e.g racing on public roads endangerment of the public arrogance and incitement into lawlessness will not be tolerated
12) no spectator will be allowed into the track village without a ticket or prior arrangement. A tag will be handed to all spectators who comply.
13)Any spectator without a ticket will have to queue to obtain the same at rates defined by the event management. a separate queue will be realized for those spectators with advanced tickets. Sale of counterfeit tickets or illegal sale of tickets will not be tolerated.
14)enjoy the event and follow the itinerary accordingly. read the disclaimers and learn about how to be a good spectator from the website under rules and regulations
Safety Guidelines
While Driving Keep In Mind Yellow Means Slow Down!!