Club Development

The National Curriculum (and its equivalent in the home countries) requires that children are taught how to identify a risk and how to manage that risk.

Risk Management is something that we do every day in motor sport, ensuring that the risks inherent in the sport are minimised to an acceptable level through regulations, technological development and training.

TT intends to launch – a series of three interactive lesson plans at Key Stage 2 and 3, to assist the teaching of Risk Management in the classroom. Building on the lessons learned in motor sport, The Grid enables young people to discuss what a risk might look like, to assess its seriousness and to identify the tools that they possess that can help to manage the risk to a lower level.

This includes telling them how and why they should get involved, while also covering important issues such as road safety.

This will built strong links with schools and colleges, resulting in the sport being used to engage students in a variety of subjects including maths, science, engineering and design & technology.