Hill Climb Time Trials


Kiamburing TT and Murang'a Circuit TT represent the East African Epitome of Tarmac Hill Climbs.
Kiamburing TT features up 10 kms of fast Time Trail racing with the Kiamburing Endurance breaking records as one of the longest and breath taking tarmac hill climbs ever witnessed. Totaling 20kms, The Kiamburing TT Endurance takes precedence with winding roads and corners bringing the marriage of man, physics and machine to unrevealed heights in motorsports. with the added lush scenery of the Kiambu Tea plantations, this is an event to be checked off in the bucket lists of all world class drivers.
Murang'a Circuit TT, inadvertently features a steep climb , taking cars along a winding snaky tour of the Murang'a Highlands. At 10kms , the hill climb takes advantage of the high grip asphalt letting drivers push their cars to limits not realized before.

kiamburing poster 2
muranga tt poster