About Us

The Motorsports Time Trial (TT) story began in 2013 with the first Kiamburing TT.The naming was realized from the event venue which was Kiambu county and the road shaped like a ring thus KIAMBURING TT. From humble beginning the event grew rapidly following the successive event quickly becoming one of, if not the, premier tarmac event on the Kenyan motorsports scene. Our 2014 Kiamburing Endurance TT attracted close to 1000 spectators. It is now regarded as the Kenyan equivalent of the renowned Pikes Peak which is held annually in the USA, hosting one of the greatest celebrations of car culture and motorsport in Kenya.
more:http://www.gtspirit.com/2013/10/27/kiamburing-tt-hillclimb-race-event-debuts-in-kenya/ We are extremely pleased that the Hill climb returns in Looking back over the three type of events hosted, we have been blessed with some of the finest drivers and cars in the country - and beyond – having competed in the time trial. The Time trials have taken part on a various counties thus promoting local and international tourism to say the least.
Recently we have launched the successful Airport Time Attack Trials featuring Drags and Gymkhana TT and Maximum attack TT that are quickly gathering momentum.
We are looking forward to maximizing our sport variety to appease the local and international sportsman. In line with our vision and mission, we hope to further this dream for Kenya a as whole and for the future generations.


The list of beautiful cars that have participated in the past include classics such as the VW Beetle, Mini Cooper VW Golf MK2 and w124 Mercedes Benz..New age fast machines like Nissan GTRs, Mitsubishi EVO and Subaru WRX STIs gracing the super car category.The Speed Festival will undergo a change in 2014 in focus to our core event, in matters safety (driver and spectator) and better driving experience. This will favor teams to foster greater inter personal relations amongst competitors and better fan base.The concept was ambitious and had never been done before in Kenya and East Africa, but it was simply too much for our small team of volunteers to undertake, and the financial costs were too great but learning from previous events we have overcome these bridges and are willing to reach even greater heights in motorsports.In 2014 we are tweaking the Murang’a TT by expanding sponsorship and inter county collaboration with the existent motoring fraternity to better experience their own day of action on the Hill. Competitors and spectators will be encouraged to support local racing teams and preach better spectator behavior in line with the international and local racing expectations and rules.The action on past and prospective Sundays was dubbed the King of Ring and sees the heavy hitting machinery and drivers take to the track.
In The Airport Time Attacks we are entertained by the beasts as the battle for title of the fastest and most powerful.
A variety of classes caters to a wide range of machinery, which we encourage, but there is no doubt that all eyes are on the fire spitting, tyre smoking exotic and specialist race cars at the sharp end of the pack. Speeds of up to 200 km/h are reached and the 10km average stretch of tarmac is dispensed with in just over 3 minutes – from a standing start!! It is spectacular! These two elements, King of Classics and King of the Ring, combine to give the event its unique flavor and provide entertainment for all ages. The TT Speed Festival’s vision is to host and organize the premier motorsport event in the country. Our goal is to attract an ever increasing number of visitors to the beautiful towns where the events are held to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere of motorsport, motoring activities and the natural beauty of the region and to promote domestic and international tourism, develop sectors of the economy, youth empowerment and realization of the racing dream. The festival not only boosts economic activity in the town, but also benefits businesses and schools in the area.