Where are the events held?
Muranga Circuit TT – Kandara,
Kiamburing TT - Kiambu Kenya
Drags & Gymkhana TT - Masinga Kenya
Maximum Attack TT - Nyaribo/Nyeri Kenya
TGRV TT - Maai Mahiu - Kenya
How do I get there and where do I park?
Follow directions from event page to TT location. We have ample parking for thousands of visitors. There is no charge for parking. The general parking spots will be allocated according to the event locations. VIP parking,if available will be colour coded and signposted accordingly. Please follow links for directional map more information.
Where can I buy tickets?
Online-advance & Gate
What are the opening hours?
Gates open at 8:00am
Is food and drink available?
What type of food and drinks can one expect to buy?
There are a variety of vendors on site selling hamburgers, sausage rolls, chips, chicken shawarma, water, fizzy drinks, energy drinks, etc. A sit down restaurant is available at the Village Area
Can I bring my own alcohol?
No, unfortunately not.
Can I bring chairs and umbrellas?
Yes. If not chairs you can bring a blanket or type of ground sheet to sit on. Always carry an umbrella.
What is the daily itinerary?
Cars will be on track from 9am to latest 1pm. No lunch breaks.
Where do I view the action?
There are multiple view points, spectator areas designated on the maps.
Is there a programme that one can buy?
It is free and downloadable from the website.
Should I bring ear protection?
It is not essential, but recommended for sensitive ears.
What are the medical facilities?
We will have paramedics on site.
Are there ATM banking facilities on site?
Do you accept credit cards for ticket and other purchases on site?
Can I purchase VIP Hospitality tickets?
Depends on the event.
Is there a dress code in the VIP Hospitality facility?
No, but don’t come naked!
Is there a special VIP parking area?
Depends with the nature of the event
What happens after the main event?
All attendees will be welcomed to the village area for the speed festival and prize giving ceremony, to be followed there after by an after party and guests to leave at their own pleasure. This is dependent on the event.